Women’s Self Defense Workshop

Pictures from previous workshops

Stanford Kenpo runs an annual workshop to teach basic self defense. The workshop will provide an introduction to basic techniques for self defense and awareness. You will have opportunities to participate and practice with others in a safe and supportive group environment.

Our workshop is unique among self defense classes. It allows participants to practice full force self defense on actual people. Our club members put on protective gear and let participants really hit them. You will experience what a real life situation is like, and learn that you have the strength to fight back.

The seminar is free for anyone with a Stanford ID. Individuals without a Stanford ID may also attend for a cost of $10. Bring a friend, and you both get in for the price of one.

Time and Location

Our next workshop will be held on Saturday, October 28.

Registration opens at 9:15AM, and the workshop will run from 9:30AM to 11:30AM.

The workshop is held in Burnham Pavilion at 615 Serra Street, in the back of the Ford Center, at the corner of Serra and Galvez (campus map). Enter through the doors of Ford Center, go straight down the hallway to the gym at the back of the building. Look for the people with the black uniforms (gis).

Who should come

Any and all women (18+) without prior martial arts experience are welcome to come!

What to bring

Come dressed in sweats or comfortable clothes and sneakers. Bring drinking water. If possible please bring a completed waiver.

Photo Galleries

To get a better idea of what happens at the Women’s Self Defense Workshop, we have pictures from several previous workshops.


These are some of the many comments we’ve recieved from previous participants. Many come back year after year to refresh their skills.

“The moves were easy to remember, practical, and useful. The volunteer ”attackers“ were very helpful. Great class, one of the best I’ve ever attended for women’s self defense.”

“I really appreciate the volunteers.”

“I learned so much and got a lot of real experience in just one morning.”

“The volunteers were very supportive. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad I came.”

“I have no experience in martial arts. After this class, I will walk out more confident about protecting myself. The volunteers are great and very encouraging too! Thank you!”

Additional Workshops

We regret that due to the physical impact on our volunteers, we are unable to offer additional workshops for dorms or other groups. We encourage everyone who is interested in self defense to attend the annual workshop, and consider joining the regular classes, which will teach a comprehensive system with an emphasis on practical self defense.